Origins- The 19th Century

The financial house that gave origin to Banco Carregosa was created in 1833, in Porto. It was an exchange bureau, in Rua das Flores, which began activity at a time when the city was flourishing.

L.J. Carregosa owes its name to Lourenço Joaquim Carregosa, an admirable man who, in the middle of difficult times felt by the country and the city of Porto, in particular during the dramatic period of the Siege, founded a business and gave it credibility and competence, in the heart of the city.
As the historian Germano Silva describes, "In 1833 (...) Porto was weakened by fire and iron. It was the most dramatic period of the siege. Trapped inside the city, 7500 soldiers, under the command of Dom Pedro IV, the constitutional king, faced with extreme bravery, the assaults of the miguelistas troops, three times superior in number, disciplined and better equipped. Nevertheless, the Porto people resisted the bombs, starvation and, the worst of enemies-Cholera, that after some time installed itself in the city."

Many changes took place throughout the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

One thing remains: the head office, the administration and the activity of the oldest financial institution in the Iberian Peninsula continues in Porto, now on Avenida da Boavista.
These are the most relevant dates of the moments that have marked our history:

1833 - First records of activity of the original company created to trade in foreign currencies in Porto. The company owes its name to Lourenço Joaquim Carregosa, who acquired it in 1885.

1846 - Bank of Portugal founding date.

1994 - Creation of L .J. Carregosa – Sociedade Corretora S.A..

2000 - Launch of the first online brokerage service in Portugal by L.J. Carregosa. Technological partnership established with Saxo Bank (First WL International Partner).
2001 - Conversion of the Broker Company into a "Financial Brokerage” Company.
2006 - Increase in share capital and start of the conversion process from financial company into a bank.
2007 - Launch of the GoBulling online trading brand, the first broker to charge zero brokerage fee in all Euronext markets transactions. In 2007, GoBulling became the futures market leader with a 36.5% share.

2008 - Authorisation from the Bank of Portugal for the proposed merger and transformation of the company into a Bank, dedicated to private banking.

2009 - Official presentation of Banco Carregosa in May, in Oporto.
2010 - The Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Banco Carregosa is named Ambassador of the "European Network of Female Entrepreneurship", by the European Commission and the Belgian Presidency. The "European Network of Female Entrepreneurship” was created in 2009, in Sweden, and intends to use the examples of several successful women entrepreneurs to inspire other women to set up their own company.
Opening of its representative office in Madrid (Spain).
Launching of the first Banco Carregosa Investment Funds.

2011 - Opening of offices in the area of private banking in Lisbon, where there was already a branch from GoBulling. 

2012 - Banco Carregosa received the award "Best in private banking in Portugal”, awarded by the English magazine "World Finance”.

he magazine "Exame" which, in association with Deloitte, scrutinizes the performance of banks and insurance companies in Portugal, considered us the bank that grew the most from 2011 to 2012 in the category "Medium or Small Bank”.
The Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, Maria Cândida Rocha e Silva, nominated by the jury for "Business Woman of the Year" by the magazine "Máxima”, is awarded the "Career Award", for her professional career in the financial world.
2013 - Banco Carregosa was considered by the Portuguese Magazine "Exame”, in association with Deloitte, as the "Small or Medium Bank that most grew” from 2012 to 2013, repeating the award obtained the year before.
2014 – In 2014, for the third consecutive year, Banco Carregosa was
awarded the prize for "Best in Private Banking in Portugal” by the English Magazine "World Finance”.

The Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Banco Carregosa, Maria Cândida Rocha e Silva, received the 2014 Femina Prize for outstanding merits in Entrepreneurship and Professional Excellence.
2015 - Banco Carregosa was considered by the Portuguese Magazine "Exame” in association with Deloitte and "Informa D&B”, as the "Small or Medium Bank that most grew in 2014”, repeating the awards obtained the years before.

The President of Banco Carregosa, Maria Cândida Rocha e Silva, was distinguished with the career prize, "Lifetime Achievement Award” at the "Investors Relations Award” Gala, an initiative promoted by Deloitte.
2016 - Banco Carregosa and Saxo Bank celebrate Fintech's 15 years in Portugal. 
2017 - Banco Carregosa, maintaining its positioning focused on private banking, expands its business area to clients with high potential for savings / investment. 
The tradition and excellence of services, the creation and development of innovative financial products and independence make Banco Carregosa a unique example in the domestic financial market. The trustee, the most valuable asset of Carregosa, is preserved since 1833.