Tradition and Innovation

Banco Carregosa is a private bank that is dedicated to the provision of services, products and advice in the areas of asset management.

With a restricted body of shareholders, Banco Carregosa's duty to honor the legacy of so many generations of shareholders, employees and customers that accompanied the L.J. Carregosa, Centennial House, founded in Oporto in 1833, dedicated originally to trade foreign exchange.
Throughout the 20th century, while maintaining the traditional values of 19th-century banking, so rooted in the institution by its founders, L.J. Carregosa learned to adapt to customer needs and changes in the financial sector.
In the last decades of the 20th century. XX, oriented its activity around the capital market, becoming successively in Sociedade Corretora brokerage financial and, having been a pioneer in the field of online securities trading. This technological advantage has also contributed to the leadership during consecutive years of market shares trading on derivative products, as demonstrated by the official statistics of the last decade.
At the turn of the 21st century, entered into a partnership with Saxo Bank, for Portugal, the most advanced platform for trading in capital market, today used around the world by various financial institutions.
In sequence of this technological partnership in 2000, is given a pioneering step with the launch of the first online brokerage service in Portugal. The evolution of online trading has led to the launch of the brand in 2007 GoBulling, who was the first broker practicing zero brokerage Commission in all markets Euronext. That same year, GoBulling becomes leader of the futures market with a share of 36.5%.

In 2008, after lengthy preparatory work, L.J. Carregosa becomes a bank, by the hand of the first woman purse broker in Portugal, Maria Cândida Rocha e Silva, which occupies to this day, the Chair of the Board of Directors.

Banco Carregosa is distinguished by combination you can do between conservatism and modernity, between tradition and innovation.