Websites of Interest

Bank of Portugal

The Bank of Portugal is an entity responsible for the prudential and market conduct supervision of the Portuguese financial system.  Its website includes information about monetary policies, monitoring the money and foreign exchange markets, payment systems and research on the Portuguese economy and the Eurosystem.

Bank Customer Portal

The Bank Customer Portal, provided by the Bank of Portugal, is dedicated exclusively to the Client and provides specific information about financial products and services offered by various banks as well as the rights and duties of bank customers.


The Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM) is the regulating authority for the stock market and for financial intermediaries.  The CMVM promotes transparency of information and aims to create the necessary conditions so that all investors have, at their disposition, and on equal terms, the relevant information for investors.

NYSE Euronext

NYSE Euronext Lisbon is the managing authority for the Portuguese stock market, resulting from the merger of the Euronext (Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Lisbon) and the NYSE markets.

Deposit Guarantee Fund

The Deposit Guarantee Fund is an entity that aims to guarantee the reimbursement to depositors, within certain limits and conditions, in the case of bankruptcy and/or the inability to pay on the part of the financial institution.  The Client may obtain more information about this fund through the website indicated below.

The Portuguese Banking Association

Banco Carregosa joined the Portuguese Banking Association (APB) as a member in 2013.  The APB, being the main organization representing the Portuguese banking sector, was created to develop this sector in a solid and sustainable way.  The APB currently represents 22 banks.

The Economists Association

The Economists Association, with whom Banco Carregosa has a partnership agreement, in which it offers its members more advantageous conditions for securities trading, is a professional association of economists that ensures the rights and interests of its members. Association is responsible for the recognition of professional titles in economics, as well as ensuring compliance with the ethical standards of the class.

Deco Proteste

Deco Proteste is the most recognized consumer association in Portugal, aims to protect consumer interests and covers all sectors of retail. The Bank Carregosa established a protocol with the Deco that allows its members and subscribers to the Financial Bulletin Protest Investe to trade securities with the lowest costs in the market.

Presidency of the Portuguese Republic

Information about the Portuguese Republic and its history, as well as the activity of the President of the Republic.

Government of Portugal

Through the Government of Portugal website, it is possible to obtain detailed information about the composition of the current government, the work of the executive and regularly monitor the main decisions of the Council of Ministers.

Ministry of Finance

Through the Ministry of Finance page, it is possible to regularly monitor key tax and budget measures and Treasury and Public Administration management, with a direct impact on businesses and taxpayers.

European Central Bank

The European Central Bank is the authority responsible for the monetary policies in the Euro zone.  Its website provides information about the organization, the policies, the supervision and the markets of all of the countries whose currency is the Euro. Decisions made by the ECB may be relevant in a client’s decision making.  The ECB is one of three entities which have been providing Portugal with financial aid since 2011. 

European Commission

The European Commission is an institution which represents and protects the interests of European Union Member Countries.  The policies and decisions made by the Commission have an impact on the Portuguese economy, and consequently, may also have an impact on decisions made by our clients.


The European Commission is the executive branch of the European Union.  The policies and legislative decisions made by the European Commission have a strong impact on the Portuguese economy and the life of the citizens of member-states.  The European Commission is one of three entities which have been providing Portugal with financial aid since 2011.


The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, of which Portugal is a member, is an international organization which aims to help governments of member countries – approximately 30 – to define policies which improve the economy and the social conditions of those countries.  The information on this site includes studies, recommendations and statistics about the member countries.


OMIP is a derivatives exchange, created bearing in mind the Iberian Electricity Market, with two branches – one in Lisbon, the other in Madrid.  Banco Carregosa is a General Clearing Member of OMIClear, a clearing house for the Iberian market for electricity derivatives.