Main Shareholders

Banco Carregosa is held by a small but cohesive group of shareholders that guarantee stability and unity around institutional objectives. Besides the founder, Maria Candida Rocha e Silva, the other distinguished shareholders are bound either professionally or emotionally to Casa Carregosa before the actual establishment of the bank. The presence of some senior managers who have accumulated decades on the job, and family members of the founder make Banco Carregosa a unique institution – where all share the same values and objectives, where secular tradition and a strong sense of corporate heritage are cultivated daily.
Shareholders with more than 5% social capital on 31st December 2020:
  • Maria Cândida Cadeco da Rocha e Silva
  • Jorge Manuel da Conceição Freitas Gonçalves
  • Projecto Inverso, SGPS, SA
  • Planalto Capital - Fundo de Capital de Risco