Message from the Chairwoman

The name Carregosa has been associated with the financial sector for 180
years. Its origins date back to 1833, the year L.J. Carregosa was created in
Rua das Flores, in Oporto, to trade in foreign currencies. Throughout the 20th century, Casa Carregosa grew, innovated and developed, adjusting to a modern, ever more sophisticated and demanding world. This was how, at the end of the second half of last century, the old Foreign Currency Exchange House converted itself into a Brokerage House, first, and later into a Financial Brokerage Company. At the onset of the 21st Century, the Institution was ready for yet a further step – to become Banco Carregosa.
This longevity was only possible thanks to the shareholders’ and managers’ ambition and perseverance, the employees’ dedication and the clients’ loyalty and confidence throughout successive generations.
Along with this enduring desire to innovate and serve better and better, there has always been a commitment that we honour - that of respect for the clients’ assets entrusted to us. Only thus was it possible to come this far.
The times we are now living are specially hard for the economy in general and for the financial sector, in particular. There are new issues, unprecedented situations and predicaments never faced before.
Nevertheless, Casa Carregosa’s past provides me with the assurance to trust the future. 
I believe we will continue to know how to look after our Clients with the wisdom, respect and experience acquired throughout many generations. The highly specialised professional counseling is increasingly useful and necessary in asset protection and creation of value.
Banco Carregosa favours lasting relationships, sustained performances, well-founded valuation opportunities and coherent choices.
We shall not provide retail banking services, nor avail ourselves of a physical distribution network. We shall have neither mass growth nor large scale turnover targets and thus avoid conflicts of interest. Preserving Banco Carregosa’s independence to better serve every client’s interest and individual requirements is very important to us. Casa Carregosa has followed this path since 1833 and it is the course it wants to keep.
I feel honoured with the trust Colleagues and Clients bestow upon me and welcome all those who now join us.
Maria Cândida Rocha e Silva
Chairwoman of the Board