Striving to improve seeking excellence with:

  • Independence – the only way to propose the best solutions to a client is to do it without any interest other than the client’s own and this is only possible if the bank does not have any conflicts of interest that prevent truly independent advice.

  • Innovation/Dynamism – with the strong ability to innovate and adapt to a changing world, it would have been impossible to keep the Carregosa name alive from the nineteenth century to the present day.

  • Personalization – by not addressing a mass client base and not focusing on traditional retail banking, Banco Carregosa chose to distinguish itself in the market for proximity and personalized relationships with the client, finding adequate solutions or developing measures appropriate to their needs.

  • Transparency – the rigor and seriousness in the presentation of investment solutions and providing complete, understandable and timely information.

  • Sustainability – We promote both internally and externally a culture of environmental, economic and social sustainability, combined with a prudent risk policy, looking to positively impact the community in which we operate.