The Bank has a complaints service to receive and deal with any complaints sent by our clients, where they can submit a complaint in writing to the Bank, or orally to any of its staff, who will take note of it in writing.

The Bank’s Board of Directors analyses the complaint and decides on the client’s claim within no more than 15 days, and communicates its analysis or decision.

This deadline may be extended if additional information indispensable for the decision is needed, including the consultation of market entities, the supervisory authorities included therein, in which case the client will be informed thereof. If the client so chooses, the claim may also be submitted to Banco de Portugal or the CMVM through the available means and contacts.

To ensure the extra-judicial settlement of disputes related to services whose payments are less than the court costs of the first instance court, the Bank allows clients to resort to extra-judicial means of complaints and redress of disputes, by accepting legally authorized bodies to conduct arbitrage.

For this purpose, the Bank has adhered to the Centre for Consumer Information and Arbitration of Porto and the Consumer Dispute Arbitration Centre of Lisbon.

For consumer disputes, the client can also apply to the Consumer Arbitration Network. The list and contacts of the bodies that are part of this network are disclosed on the Consumer Portal by the Directorate General for Consumers.

The settlement of disputes concerning products or banking services contracted via the Internet can be presented on the RLL platform, available at

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