• What is the site’s security based on?

    The sites security is based mainly on two essential things: Authenticity and Confidentiality.

    In terms of Authenticity, Digital Certificate Technology is used to guaranty that the user is communicating with Banco Carregosa and not with any other entity.

    In order for the authentication to be bilateral, the user name and password guaranty the validation of the user in the Application. Para que esta autenticação seja bilateral, o nome de utilizador e palavra-chave garantem a validação do utilizador perante a Aplicação.

    Confidentiality has two objectives: the first is to guaranty the integrity of the information that is sent, making it impossible to alter or change messages; the second is to send unintelligible text through the internet in a manner which does not reveal its content.

  • What is a Digital Certificate?

    The objective of a digital certificate is to hold reliable information about the site that is being visited as well as to serve as an identifier for the user. Digital certificates always have an expiry date and any incoherence in data presented is a cause for mistrust.

  • What is VeriSign?

    VeriSign, Inc. is a world renowned company which provides a digital certificate management service as well as a variety of other services in the "trust services” area. These services are widely used in wireless Internet e-commerce. For more information, please consult

  • How can I verify the site’s security?

    The site’s security can be verified by clicking on the padlock in the lower left corner of the browser or on the VeriSign symbol. Both, respectively, provide information about page content (CipherText or PlainText), and their origins, which, in this case, should always be Banco Carregosa.

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