At Banco Carregosa each client is unique and, for this reason we try to get to know them well: their objectives and motivation, their lifestyle, their present assets, their liquidity needs, their experience with previous investors, their risk tolerance...

Only after this exhaustive diagnostic of these variables do we feel comfortable enough to chart an investment solution, offering a proposal for a personalized strategic portfolio.

A proposal that will account for the relative weight that each class of assets (Cash, Bonds, Shares, etc.) should assume, in a structured way, for a diversified investment portfolio.
Following the definition of an optimized structure, we move on to the next stage: finding the best solutions available in different markets for each class of assets. More than 180 years’ experience in the financial world alongside our recognized independence guarantee the best choices!
Your Private Banker will ensure the ongoing monitoring of your defined portfolio, promoting regular progress meetings and, whenever able to add value, suggest modifications to the composition of the investment portfolio.
At Banco Carregosa we take the management of our assets very seriously! And our greatest asset is the trust that each client has in us.