Execution and Custody

Banco Carregosa has a strong tradition in brokerage, providing exceptional services through its trading desk – one simple telephone call to contact one of our professional traders – or professional trading platforms.
Some of our clients are not seeking advice, but are simply looking for a high-quality service. They are informed investors who make their own decisions about investments and who continuously monitor the markets. For these clients, it is essential to have access to wider markets, including takeovers, and instruments, quick execution and access to experienced traders who scrupulously follow the Bank’s policy of best execution.
At Banco Carregosa, these clients also benefit from a range of structured products as well as a recommendation service.

Banco Carregosa is a member of the NYSE Euronext and has agreements with other financial intermediaries to offer the main European markets – Portugal, France, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Poland, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden – American markets – Nasdaq, NYSE, AMEX -, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, among others.

We also provide a vast range of services, including custody, subscription of funds and the granting of credit for the acquisition of securities.