In addition to offers directed at personal banking for customers, Banco Carregosa also provides a relevant assortment of specialized services specifically designed for business, investment funds, family offices, pension funds, asset management firms or stock broking companies:

  • Institutional Execution Service (Europe – Euronext, Spain, Germany, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Poland, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden – USA – Nasdaq, NYSE, AMEX – Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Hong-King, Japan, Singapore, amongst others), through a trading room with experienced traders or through sophisticated negotiation platforms;

  • Marketing of Investment Funds (over 30 Management Companies, including companies with limited access investment funds);

  • Custody services, Clearing and Settlement Services, Investment Securities Funds and Real Estate Investment Funds;

  • General Clearing Member OMIClear: Clearing and Settlement Services for OMIP securities dealers – Iberian Peninsula Electrical Energy Derivatives Market;

  • Management solutions and risk coverage for companies exposed to commodities and exchange rate risks.