Private Bankers

A Private Banker at Banco Carregosa has to have accumulated many years of experience in the financial sector. In addition to technical competence, it is strongly encouraged to place the client’s interest first.
For this reason, each private banker accompanies a restricted number of clients. It is a rule made to ensure one of the main aims of the Management of the bank: more important than the quantitative goals is the quality of service given that truly counts. This is only way that it is possible to provide a closely monitored financial situation of clients with great proximity and availability.
The service is preferably in person, whatever the location of the client. Banco Carregosa chose not to develop a traditional branch network – it is the bank that goes to the client and not the other way around.
Most of our employees worked in for Carregosa even before it became a bank. Lasting relationships are not limited to shareholders and clients. We are demanding in our recruitment and try to make every element of our team feel like this is their home. For this reason, our human resources turnover is very low. This is possible because our teams are cohesive, dedicated and competent.