What is it?


"Private Banking” is an expression often used to classify a service given to clients of high income or assets. However, private banking, as we understand it, is more comprehensive.

Private banking is the provision of banking services in a personalized and highly specialized form, to clients who aim primarily to protect or increase their assets, benefitting from exclusive and professional advice on their investments.

It is the quality of service, accuracy and importance given to the needs and objectives of the client that distinguish private banking from generally designated retail banking and commercial banking.
A bank based on traditional values, personal contact, conservatism in risk assessment, in-depth knowledge of the financial situation and the objectives of the client as well as the ability to provide professional advice in asset management.

Each client of Banco Carregosa is subject to an exclusive analysis and personalized treatment.

Meeting the best expectations of our clients, safeguarding their assets and detecting investment opportunities is the mission of Banco Carregosa.