Why Banco Carregosa?

What better investment bank to take care of clients than a bank that is dedicated primarily to the protection and enhancement of assets? Savings and investment are the two prime areas of activity of Banco Carregosa. The granting of credit is a complimentary area and considered mainly for the purpose of investing in securities.

Banco Carregosa is a bank created to the needs of its clients. Prior to becoming a bank L.J. Carregosa was already proud to have clients for several generations from the same family. Therefore, since its creation, the bank has been designed to suit the profile of the clients we know so well. Moreover, only a bank that does not privilege the mass can secure attention and dedication to customer needs.

A personalized service is the most important feature in our relationship with clients. The second is proximity. Small teams are more agile and efficient when it comes to monitoring the needs of a client. At Banco Carregosa, place and opening hours are decided by the customer or at the least always at your convenience.
While Banco Carregosa is a secular institution it has been able, over the years, to take small but firm steps. Our moto is fiduciary, which we have preserved for almost 200 years. The solidity of the bank and security of our clients that we stand firm on are our best asset. Protecting and valuing the assets of clients means, first and foremost, managing the institution with some conservatism, not taking risks that cannot work but ones which support a good margin of safety.

Banco Carregosa’s teams placed at the service of clients are experienced, competent and were subject to a demanding recruitment process. The structures in which they operate are indispensable to the objectives of our activity and the hierarchical levels limited to what is necessary. This means that information flows effectively and the client is able, for example, to easily have direct access to the Board of Directors.