Asset Management

At the time of investing it is crucial to characterize the profile of the client, their level of risk aversion and the knowledge they have of financial markets. From this characterization the client may choose one of two options:

  • Managed Accounts: performed by our professional team of asset management, directly to the accounts of clients, and may be based on Management Models – allocation strategies or specific strategies for certain classes of assets managed in aggregate form – or portfolios developed for the needs of the client, considering the strategic position and all similar to the defined models of asset allocation, although adjusted to the profile and convictions of the client (for example excluding or including assets/ sectors depending on what your preference is).

  • Advisory: investment management is done by the client in connection with our professional managers. They are specifically guided by clients that are looking to have a greater involvement in the management of their assets, but who would value continued expert advice to assist them in structuring their portfolios, as well as selecting the best assets and opportunities.
  • The process of investment at Banco Carregosa is based on an approach by asset class, combining a fundamental perspective (strategic) and momentum (tactical).