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We have been protecting the trust placed in us by many generations since 1833, responsibly and with transparency. Although our history stretches back a long way, our eyes are focused on the future. We innovate in everything we do and have a comprehensive approach to the Wealth Management concept, offering solutions for Private Banking clients with savings and investment potential.

“The lifespan of Banco Carregosa was only possible thanks to the ambition and perseverance of shareholders and managers, the dedication of employees and the trust of our clients for generations. 

We foster long-term relations, sustained performance, well-founded opportunities for appreciation and coherent choices.

This is the path that Casa Carregosa has followed since 1833, and the way forward we seek to pursue.”

Maria Cândida Rocha e Silva 

Chair of the Board of Directors

Outlook for the Financial Markets 2023


Watch the recording of "Outlook for 2023 Financial Markets" with Banco Carregosa specialists.

Quartlerly Outlook | Winter Outlook

1st Quarter

Inflation and rising interest rates have depressed the value of financial assets. However, we need to go back 15 years to find investment opportunities with such attractive nominal risk-return rates as those today, particularly in terms of financial assets with lower business cycle and credit risk. As global economy faces challenges, the more cyclical components may go through a phase of volatility before undergoing a more sustained recovery, which should reward bolder investors in the medium term.

What is more important for you?

Long-term relationships. Passing on assets to the next generation

Finding investment solutions for my savings.

Investing in world markets through the best trading platforms

Exploring tailor-made solutions for institutional clients and companies

"A unique Private Banking experience in which every aspect of wealth management is carefully thought out. A close, customised and attentive monitoring to find the best investment solutions at the right time."

Helena Seruca 

Coordinating Director

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