Private Banking

Each client’s objectives, preferences, history, and dynamics are the starting point for a long-lasting relationship. Each Wealth Management strategy is carefully designed with their specific needs in mind.

Savings and Investment

Preparing for the future should not be an isolated task. Each person’s personal circumstances, expectations, and objectives evolve with time, so finding the best savings and investment solutions requires the support of a specialised team.

GoBulling Platforms

GoBulling is the platform created by Banco Carregosa to invest with confidence in world stock exchanges according to each risk profile. It has over 30,000 assets available in more than 40 global markets.

Institutional and Corporate

Banco Carregosa is a strategic partner in ambitious projects. Corporate Finance Solutions, Institutional Custody, Financial Brokerage, Strategic Advisory, and Risk Hedging. A wealth of options for various moments in the life of organisations.