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Quarterly Outlook

4th Semester

The end of 2023 presents unique potential challenges and opportunities for investors. There is a notable divergence in global economic growth, with the US remaining robust while China and Europe continue to struggle. However, the dynamism of the US economy is likely to begin to show more signs of slowing down as central banks withdraw liquidity, without it being clear which economy could replace it as the new engine of the global economy. Capital is once again a scarce commodity, so its remuneration should once again be a reflection of that scarcity.

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A report with our selection of the main indicators and events worth highlighting in the early morning. The main national and international news that marked the period, schedules for submission of results, and charts to better understand latest market and economic dynamics.


Weekly Informative Report commented by the Investment Department of Banco Carregosa on a selection of the main indicators and events highlighted the previous week.

GoBulling Daily Report 

End-of-day report with daily, weekly and year-to-date changes in the main stock market indices. It includes major stock market changes; a calendar of the main market events; the sectors that were in the spotlight, the evolution of commodity prices, major currencies and interest rates.

Expert Recommendations

So you can always count on the latest "target prices" of listed companies on the national market.


A solution that enables the automatic analysis of emerging charts and patterns, helping investors forecast the most likely outcomes of market events. Available on GoBulling Pro.


Stock Exchange Calendars

Calendar detailing world holidays impacting the financial markets. Monitor public holidays daily with the GoBulling calendar. Use our images as your wallpaper.

Results Calendars

Calendar of results of the main world financial listed companies.

Dividends Calendars

Calendar showing the dates and estimated dividends of the main listed companies in the worlds leading financial markets.

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