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Banco Carregosa is proud to be one of the most sound institutions in European banking, with a solvency ratio double that required by the regulator. The average of this ratio remains systematically above 20%. The solvency ratio is an indicator of the safety and soundness of banking institutions, reflected in the company’s capacity to pay (solve) its debts. For further details, please see the Annual Report.

Banco Carregosa has no cross-shareholdings with other banks.

Yes, opening an account in foreign currency implies that the customer expressly indicates this when establishing a contractual link with the Bank. In this case, opening an account is subject to the fees set out in the price list.

Banco Carregosa is registered with Banco de Portugal (BoP) under no. 0235 and with the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM) under no. 0169, and is regulated by both entities. 

Banco Carregosa has signed up to the Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGD), which covers the risks of depositors up to a certain amount per holder. For more details on the respective scheme, see the Depositor Information Form.


In addition, the Bank is a member of the Investor Compensation System, with the CMVM, which guarantees coverage of any claims against the institution as a result of any financial incapacity.


To know more about the protection of your assets, please see our Information Document.

You can do it online, in a simple and convenient way. You will immediately have access to homebanking services and your account details.


After completing the process, you will receive an email with the documents that require your signature, as well as the list of documents you must send to the Bank. To eliminate shipping costs and save inconvenience, use the CTT/Banco Carregosa protocol.


Consult here the CTT offices you can use to validate the documents.


If you wish, you can also open an account in person at our branches. Contact us for more information.

No. For more information, please see contact us.

After opening the account online, the necessary documents will be sent to you to be signed, which you need to attach, for each account holder:


  • Identification Document: Cartão Único, or Identity Card, or other equivalent document under the terms of the Portuguese law.
  • Taxpayer Card: Taxpayer card or equivalent document proving tax identification in the country(ies) of residence.
  • Documentary proof of profession: For this purpose, the pay slip or declaration of the employer issued within no more than 3 months. If the profession requires registration in a professional association, a copy of the professional card will be accepted as proof of the profession, and proof of registration for the exercise of a self-employed activity or, in the case of a salaried professional, proof of employers capacity.
  • Proof of Residence/Address: A copy of a water, electricity, etc. bill, proof of tax residence obtained from the Portuguese Tax Portal or a statement from the Parish Council is sufficient. Only documents issued within no more than 3 months will be accepted.

Using the account is subject to approval. However, after completing the online account opening process you will immediately receive an email with the username and password to access your homebanking services, which allows you to consult your data.


If you have opened an account on paper - and have filled in the document "Request for Access to the Banco Carregosa website" - as soon as your account is approved you will receive your homebanking access data by email and SMS.

If at the time of opening the account you have not signed up for homebanking you can request access here indicating the account number, taxpayer number and date of birth.


If you wish to retrieve your access data, click here.

L.J. Carregosa - Sociedade Financeira de Corretagem, S.A. is now Banco L.J. Carregosa S.A.. Given the differences between a Brokerage Firm and a Bank, you must sign a new contract, although you can keep the same account number, and its history. Please contact us at ApoioCliente@GoBulling.com or call 808 10 20 20.

If you have selected the option "I am not the beneficial owner of the amounts to be deposited in the account", applicable when a bank customer acts on behalf of a third party, you must fill in the beneficial owners details.


Beneficial owner of the account is the natural person who owns the funds and on whose behalf a transaction or activity is conducted. It should not be confused with the beneficial owner in case of succession.

Yes, you can safely and conveniently follow all movements and carry out some operations from the online channel.

You may do so at the Porto office (Avenida da Boavista, nº 1083) or at the Lisbon office (Rua de S. Caetano, nº 6, Bloco C, 3º andar, Lapa).

Our customer service is fully customised. Whether online or in person, all issues are dealt with by the designated account manager (private banker), regardless of the type of product, service or account you have contracted.

No. Banco Carregosa is especially dedicated to protecting the clients assets. Therefore, it specialises in solutions to preserve and make savings or investments in financial assets profitable.

The main objective of the traditional private banking client is to preserve their assets and make their savings profitable. If this is your priority, you can ask us to assess your investor profile, and if you so wish, suggest solutions that meet your objectives.

At Banco Carregosa, clients only have to come to us if they so wish. Contact us for more information:


Savings and Investment:

T. : +351 226 086 414 / +351 213 232 960 



Opening an account: 

T. : 808 10 20 20



Private Banking:

T. : +351 226 086 464 / +351 210 134 100


Please contact us at ApoioCliente@bancocarregosa.com or call 808 10 20 20.

Please contact us at ApoioCliente@bancocarregosa.com or call 808 10 20 20.


When you open your account, you will be assigned an account manager. If you do not know who your manager is, please log in and check the details on the top right hand corner of the pge. Alternatively, contact us at ApoioCliente@bancocarregosa.com or on 808 10 20 20.

Whenever you change any of your personal data you must inform your account manager. If any proof is required, the change will only take effect after receipt of that proof.

You can stop using the account at any time and reactivate it whenever you wish. To ensure account closure, you must send a formal request in writing to Banco Carregosa.


Cant find the answer to your questions? Please contact us!

Can't find an answer to your questions? Contact us.