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Our Clients assets are the product of a lifetimes work, sometimes even of several generations. That is why when we work with companies, besides looking at the business, we pay special attention to the family context.


The Bank has solutions designed for corporate and family offices, banks, insurance companies and pension funds and other investment companies. Our Private Banking approach also focuses on creating partnership with fund management companies and institutional investors, for institutional custody, depositary and asset management services 


We present value propositions and personalised advice that take into account each clients priorities.


Banco Carregosa is your partner for the ambitious projects you have in mind.

"The feature I value most at Carregosa is that my assets are monitored by the clientmanagement team. They have earned my trust and appreciation for theirprofessionalism, dedication, rigour and proximity."


João Moura dos Santos

Banco Carregosa client since 2015


Institutional and Corporate

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