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"If they ask you for fish, give them the right rod"

If you know what you want to achieve, there's a bank to accompany you.

At Banco Carregosa, we know that each client has different monitoring needs depending on what they want to achieve. That's why we provide the right tools to meet your profitability expectations. Whether it's for the safe and smooth management of your assets, or to give you access to high-performance returns, we'll be here to advise you. As always, for 190 years.

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4th Quarter

The end of 2023 presents unique potential challenges and opportunities for investors. There is a notable divergence in economic growth between different regions of the world, with the United States maintaining a robust trajectory, while China and Europe are facing considerable difficulties. However, the dynamism of the American economy should begin to show more obvious signs of slowing down, as a result of the reduction in liquidity promoted by central banks, without it being clear which economy could succeed it as the new engine of the global economy. Capital is once again a scarce commodity, so its return should once again reflect this scarcity.

Investing in the future.

Preparing for the future should not be an isolated task. Each person’s personal circumstances, expectations, and objectives evolve with time, so finding the best savings and investment solutions requires the support of a specialised team. 


The only way to propose the best solutions is to eliminate conflicts of interest that prevent truly independent advice.

Helena Seruca

Coordinating Director

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Our Savings and Investment vision

Our Savings and Investment vision is built with each clients objectives in mind, whether its saving for retirement, making an investment or increasing their financial wealth. What are your plans?

"Banco Carregosa has exceeded expectations, always willing to help its clients by resolving issues effectively and in a balanced manner, and providing timely, quick, and accurate information. At Banco Carregosa tradition hasn’t faded with time and is reflected in the overall notion that clients are one of the Bank’s most precious assets and the motivation that drives both its day-to-day activity and the Board’s strategic decisions."

José Portugal Pereira

Banco Carregosa client since 2018