Each client has their own story, but the end is always as expected.

In over 180 years of history we have been part of many stories. From times when stories were still told in contos de réis, an old Portuguese currency used when kings still reigned, to clients who are the true kings of the right investment in Euros. But they all have a common point. They always end with a satisfied, informed and valued client, and us with a deposit of something even bigger than their assets: their trust.


A benchmark in Wealth Management services, Banco Carregosa offers you a truly customised and differentiating solution, flawlessly governed by values such as security, independence and credibility.


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Banco Carregosa focuses on updating its identity; another milestone in its history


Today, Banco Carregosa, a reference in Wealth Management with over 185 years’ history, showcases its new corporate identity to the market..


The new brand supports a sound, competitive and premium value proposal, focused on the growth of the core Wealth Management activity and is based on private banking and savings and investment solutions.


For Maria Cândida Rocha e Silva, Chair of the Board of Directors of Banco Carregosa, "The secret of long-term success lies in having a recognised, differentiating and credible brand in the market, combined with a strong culture, talented and diversified people and continuous innovation processes. The Bank thus strengthens its focus and commitment to making the necessary resources available to clients with savings and investment needs so that they may manage, protect and grow their assets, while at the same time build and increasingly sustainable future for society. 


The renewed image of Banco Carregosa aims at unifying its segment-brands into a single identity across all market segments. Through this new approach, the Banco Carregosa brand will be simpler, more relevant and closer to its target clients, carrying it into an increasingly digital-based future.


The GoBulling product brand, specialising in electronic trading platforms for more autonomous investors who want to directly manage their financial assets, remains unchanged.


According to Tiago Fleming, Banco Carregosa’s Marketing and Communications Director, "This is the right moment for Banco Carregosa to reaffirm its purpose in the market, aligning the values of the brand with its secular heritage and with the most demanding expectations of savers and investors in the market, who are increasingly looking for hybrid solutions in their relationship with banking, in which the digital predominates. We believe that with this brand makeover we will be even better prepared to deliver added value and differentiating Wealth Management solutions. Sustainability will become one of the fundamental pillars of the brand, taking into consideration the positive impact that the Bank should have on ESG issues, namely on responsible investment."