Margin Loan Account

Margin loan accounts allow you to leverage financial investments up to five times. A margin is required for each position, which must be hedged at all times by the client’s assets.

Magnification of gains and losses

Magnification of gains and losses collaterised by eligible assets in the clients account. Leverage up to 5 times.


Current account credit where you pay interest only on the amount used. Interest rates to suit you.


Over 3,000 eligible securities, including stock, bonds and investment funds. Click here to check the list of eligible instruments.


A margin account with 5 times leverage. For example, with €100,000 you can buy up to €500,000 of securities with a margin of 20% or less.

"The Loan Margin Account is a solution designed for discerninginvestors, offering structured and diversified strategies to magnify expected investmentreturns."

João Queiroz

Head of Trading

How much does it cost?

Aninterest rate indexed to 1-month Euribor is applied, with a spread that depends on theloan granted:

The margin account is only available for loans above €75.000.



Whatinstruments can I trade?


See the list of eligible instruments here.

For more information, please see our FAQ and our Price List.

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