The Bank has a service for dealing with customer complaints.


The Client may make the complaint in writing to the Bank, or orally to any of its employees, who must reduce it to writing.


Clients may also or alternatively submit complaints to Banco Carregosa, under the general terms applicable to consumers, through the "Complaints Book", which is available at the Bank's branches and in electronic format at 


The Bank's board of directors is responsible for assessing the complaint and will decide on the Client's claim within a maximum of 15 days, promptly informing the Client of its assessment or decision.


This period may be extended if it is necessary to obtain additional information which is essential to the decision, such as consultation with market bodies, including supervisory authorities, in which case the Customer will be informed. If the Client so wishes, he/she may also submit the complaint to the Bank of Portugal or the CMVM, using the means and contacts available at the Bank of Portugal and the CMVM, respectively.


In order to ensure the out-of-court settlement of disputes relating to payment services with a value lower than the jurisdiction of the court of first instance, the Bank ensures that the Customer has recourse to out-of-court means of complaint and redress of disputes, by joining entities legally authorized to carry out arbitrations.


To this end, the Bank has joined the Porto Consumer Information and Arbitration Center and the Lisbon Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center.


Under the Protocol signed between the CMVM and several financial institutions, including Banco Carregosa, clients can use the Consumer Arbitration Network. The Directorate-General for the Consumer publishes a list and contact details of the entities that are part of this network on the Consumer Portal. 


With regard to resolving disputes relating to banking products or services contracted electronically, these can be submitted on the RLL platform, available at


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