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PIMCO Income

Income should be predictable, even when markets are not. PIMCO.

In the current market context...

1. We may be looking at a bond market opportunity with the highest rates in the last decade and the potential for attractive returns.


2. In the current market context it is necessary to be resilient and flexible:


a. It is important to balance high yield assets with higher quality assets as they behave differently at different times;


b. Looking for a strategy with a flexible approach is fundamental so that opportunities can be found regardless of the direction of interest rate variation.

Watch the recording of the Webinar Bonds | Banco Carregosa and PIMCO

As we can read in the Quarterly Outlook of Banco Carregosa, "2023 may meet the conditions for it to be "the year of the bonds".


Investment opportunities exist, we just have to know how to identify them and really know Bonds.


Watch this webinar of Banco Carregosa with PIMCO to learn more about bonds, to understand why they have become attractive in the current macroeconomic context and how you can invest with them.

Why PIMCO and PIMCO Income?

  • PIMCO is a pioneer in bond portfolio management;
  • PIMCO Income's management team is award-winning, experienced, and has a rigorous investment process;
  • The fund's primary objective is to seek high recurring income, consistent with prudent management. Long-term capital appreciation is a secondary objective;
  • PIMCO Income is a flexible, multi-sector bond solution designed to generate a stable monthly return for investors.


  • Fund established in 2012;
  • Represents about $62.921 billion (5/31/2023);
  • Can be subscribed to as an accumulation (IE00B3QDMK77) or distribution (IE00B8N0MW85) income fund;
  • Annualized distribution rate (USD): 6,13% (data as of 31/01/2024);
  • Effective Duration (USD): 3.22 years (data as of 31/01/2024);
  • Yield to Maturity (USD)*: 6.83% (data as of 31/01/2024).

Note: The value of the Fund may go up or down and your invested capital may be at risk. The Fund may use derivatives for hedging or for its investment strategy

investment strategy which may lead to costs and risks. For more details on the Fund's risks, please read the Fundamental Information Document.

* For more information on how PIMCO calculates the Estimated Yield to Maturity, please refer to the fund's fact sheet available at www.fundinfo.com or www.pimco.com.

Past performance is not a guarantee or a reliable indicator of future results and does not guarantee that similar results will be achieved in the future.

PIMCO Investment process

Through a combination of bottom-up and top-down strategies, PIMCO's portfolio managers not only position portfolios for what they anticipate might happen, but also structure them to prepare for scenarios that are outside their core ideas. This approach enables managers to respond quickly to surprise events. They can thus become more defensive or offensive as soon as market conditions change.

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