Every story has a beginning

Ours began in 1833.

A nossa história começou em 1833, em plena guerra civil portuguesa e pouco depois das invasões napoleónicas. Tendo nascido num dos períodos mais conturbados da História portuguesa, o Banco Carregosa foi pioneiro de uma nova geração de instituições financeiras, que agora conhecemos por Banca Privada.


Desde então, vivemos alguns dos períodos mais conturbados da História portuguesa, ao longo dos quais procuramos sempre criar estabilidade para os nossos clientes. Hoje, quase 200 anos depois, a nossa estratégia é no sentido de continuidade, estabilidade e sustentabilidade para o benefício duradouro dos nossos clientes.


A História ensinou-nos a importância desta maneira de pensar. Garantir a prosperidade dos clientes a longo prazo exige a proteção dos interesses das gerações futuras.

A culture of excellence

+2.000 M€

In assets under supervision

Focused on the needs of entrepreneurs, leaders, families and nas family offices. We help our clients protect and increase their assets and create a lasting legacy.



Human capital is the most valuable asset. Our specialised teams are driven by one mission – to help clients preserve and grow their family wealth.


Years of experience

Making tough decisions requires confidence. Based on in-depth experience of the financial world, we design individualised plans to suit each familys mission.

The advantage of thinking long term.

As an independent private bank, we have the advantage of being able to plan for the long term, free from influences. Banco Carregosas shareholders have since the 19th century passed on their knowledge, experience and values from generation to generation.

Corporate Values


The only way to propose the best solutions is to eliminate conflicts of interest that prevent truly independent advice..


It would be impossible to keep the name Carregosa alive since the 19th century to the present day without strong innovation and adaptation capacity.


We stand apart from the competition in that we maintain a close and customised relationship with each client, offering solutions that are appropriate or developed to meet their needs.


Rigour and seriousness in presenting investment solutions and providing timely, complete and straightforward information.


We promote a culture of environmental, economic and social sustainability, combined with a prudent risk policy, to impact the community.



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Financial Information

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The Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board, and the Statutory Auditor are responsible for the management and supervision of Banco Carregosa . The Board of Directors delegates the day-to-day management of the company to the Executive Committee.

Luís Manuel de Faria Neiva dos Santos



Maria Manuela Pereira Antunes



Ana Mafalda Mateus Freitas Gonçalves Malafaya


Maria Cândida Cadeco da Rocha e Silva



Jorge Manuel da Conceição Freitas Gonçalves



António José Paixão Pinto Marante



Homero José de Pinho Coutinho



Rogério Francisco Montenegro do Couto



Francisco Miguel Melhorado de Oliveira Fernandes

Chair of Executive Committee


Fernando Miguel da Costa Ramalho

Voting member of the Executive Committee  


José Nuno de Campos Alves

Voting member of the Executive Committee  


Mário Oldemiro Carvalho Fernandes

Voting member of the Executive Committee  


Mariana Mendes Baptista Lopes

Voting member of the Executive Committee  

Maria da Graça Alves Carvalho

Voting member


Rodrigo de Melo Neiva Santos


Pricewaterhousecoopers & Associados - Sociedade de Revisores Oficiais de Contas Lda, represented by Aurélio Adriano Rangel Amado




Carlos Manuel Sim Sim Maia


What we do.

The past is important, and so is technology. Above all, people are essential. At Banco Carregosa, we protect the trust that successive generations have placed in us. Banco Carregosa – for those seeking an exclusive Private Banking experience and savings and investment solutions.