Investment Department

Since 1833 we have managed the assets of those who, over generations, have placed their trust in us.

Casa Carregosa was born in 1833.


Since then, the world has witnessed remarkable evolutions and suffered several turbulent moments: wars, environmental catastrophes, multiple economic and financial crises and, more recently, a pandemic and a war that will leave their mark on generations to come.    


Throughout these almost two centuries, the institution has always proved to be resilient and capable, and has been able to adapt to the different times with mastery, passing on its legacy of trust.  


Thus, Banco Carregosa can now proudly celebrate 190 years of its history.

180 years forward-looking Investment approach.

For more than 180 years we have directed our approach and investment philosophy towards the future. We pride ourselves on being a solid institution, with solvency ratios above the industry average. In particular, the average Common Equity Tier 1* ratio over the past 5 years has been around 19%.

Always based on specialised know-how.

The foundations for above-average long-term performance lie in the focus on preserving capital, refusing to pursue maximum returns via risk maximisation, exploiting opportunities in more inefficient markets and emphasising a careful analysis.

Collegiate Model in the positioning of Investments.

The purpose of the Investment Committee is to guide the various stakeholders in a concerted manner to make the best decisions. It is formed by the most experienced members of the bank, who identify and discuss the major economic, social, technological, political, monetary and fiscal trends likely to shape investment decisions in a medium and long term time horizon.

Continuing risk management

We know that some risks are difficult to estimate, and others which, due to their nature, are impossible to foresee and consider. Risk management is essential so that we can monitor the concentration of exposure due to an opinion.

Without losing focus on the business cycle

The most important thing is not to predict the future, but to see the present clearly. Knowing where we are in the economic cycle allows us to be opportunistic and detect short and medium term inefficiencies (buzz). It is critical to distinguish small mishaps in the economy in an expansionary phase from a potential reversal of the cycle.

A structured process with clear steps

Our investment selection process follows a set of well-established steps. Lack of discipline in executing a strategy gives rise to serious vulnerabilities. Therefore, we follow a set of guidelines that have been tested over time and have survived uncertain times.

Our team of experts