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GoBulling is a multi-access, multi-product, multi-market, multi-currency platform with over 30,000 assets available in more than 40 global markets. 


The first online trading platform (operating in Portugal) is recognised by economic publications specialising in the financial sector, and is accessible anytime, anywhere and across multiple markets for Forex, Forex Options, CFDs, Futures, Bonds, Stocks, Stock Options, ETFs and ETCs, and Options Contracts. 


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For more information, see the manuals and te Trading Conditions for the instruments tradable on GoBulling Pro.



GoBulling Pro features multi-screen support, advanced trading tools, enhanced order and position management windows, and innovative margin and reporting tools.

How to leverage interatcion with the platform?




- Place your orders and manage your positions anywhere. With the multi-platform feature you will never miss an investment opportunity.


- Customise your instrument portfolio (Watchlist) and always keep abreast of the instruments most relevant for your strategy.


- Trade from the Watchlist, or directly from real time charts.


- Producing your technical analysis and annotations only requires a few clicks using the new charting tool.


- Receive relevant market information through instant push notifications sent directly to your smartphone.

Saxo Bank partnership

Banco Carregosa is the oldest international partner of Saxo Bank.


With over 20 years experience in electronic trading of financial instruments through an advanced, globally awarded platform.

How to access GoBulling Pro

GoBulling Pro

GoBulling Pro features multi-screen support;;

Advanced trading tools, enhanced order and position management windows;

Innovative margin and reporting tools.

Download the GoBulling Pro Demo/Real platform

GoBulling Pro Go

GoBulling Pro Go features a wide variety of instruments combined with an easy and intuitive feature;

Trade through the App or a browser;

Use our charting tool, based on the latest technology.

Download the GoBulling Pro Go App

Access through a browser

Manuals and demo video


Read the manual to learn how you can get the most out of GoBulling!

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