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Achieve your profit goals by investing in investment funds. Search across a wide range of funds on offer using the MorningStar tool, or invest directly in thematic funds, by asset class or risk profile.

ESG Investment Funds

Green light to invest responsibly.

From now on, Banco Carregosa gives you the possibility to select Investment Funds with demanding and rigorous sustainability criteria, using the Morningstar advanced search tool.


Possibility of selection from a universe of more than 1,200 Investment Funds available:

    • Morningstar Sustainability Rating Globes
    • ESG European Taxonomy Filter


Banco Carregosa. Green since forever.

Featured Fund BlackRock Euro Short Duration

The fund aims to invest in quality bonds (investment grade), denominated in euros, with short-term maturities.


Aggregated funds, informative shortlists and advanced search tools, in partnership with MorningStar.


Over 1,000 funds at your disposal and the possibility to filter by more than 10 criteria, such as management company, asset composition, risk categories, return levels, and fund volume.


Managed by an expert investment team experienced in finding the best investment opportunities.


Monitoring of investment trends through investment fund solutions of high thematic relevance.

Investment Fund Solutions




Investment Funds in relevant thematic areas.

"Over the decades, Banco Carregosa has carefully selected funds through its proprietary, structured, and unique method."

Tiago Gaspar
Head of Investment Fund Selection

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