Term Deposits

Banco Carregosa's Term Deposits are savings solutions whose main priority is wealth preservation. An option for those seeking to diversify their savings and investment portfolio, risk-free.


A solution for those who prioritise asset preservation. Its objective is the stability of applications, with low risk levels.


An investment team experienced in finding the best opportunities in the market to secure a potential return in the form of a deposit.


The exclusive service of a specialised Bank. A unique banking experience, offering you a customised service whenever needed.


Guarantee of receiving the capital invested on maturity, up to a maximum of 100 000 euros. Protected by the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

"Term Deposits are the first safe step for those seeking to preserve their assets with the trust offered by Banco Carregosa."

Ana Carvalho
Savings and Investment Director

Which Term Deposit best suits your savings goals?

Know our offer

(1) Exclusively for new private clients.

(2) Exclusively for private clients with the Term Deposit Bem Vindo past due in the last month.

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Hours: Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 19:00.

Cost of calling the national fixed network.


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