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20 June 2023 16h25
Source: Banco Carregosa

Carregosa – innovating since 1833

Carregosa – innovating since 1833


This year, as we celebrate the 190th anniversary of the founding of Casa Carregosa, now Banco Carregosa, we look back at the main milestones of an inspiring journey that shows how a financial institution can evolve even in the most turbulent times. Join us on this fascinating journey into the past and discover 6 key moments in which we have been pioneers over the years.



1. The oldest in the Iberian Peninsula


Casa Carregosa is the oldest financial institution operating in the Iberian Peninsula, having started business in 1833 as a foreign exchange house in Rua das Flores, Porto.


It was a historic milestone, ushering in a new era of financial services that had never existed before, and playing a key role in the country's economic and financial development. The founders' vision set the standards and best practices that have shaped the Iberian financial sector over the years.



2. A pioneer in the provision of independent analysis to clients


As a pioneer in providing independent analysis to clients, Casa Carregosa opened up new horizons in the financial sector. We have taken the lead in providing comprehensive reports and studies on various sectors and market trends, recognising the importance of quality information and analysis to support our clients' investment decisions.


This revolutionary initiative has enabled clients to access valuable insights and expert guidance to make informed and educated decisions. By democratising access to research, we have strengthened our relationship with clients and demonstrated our commitment to providing a comprehensive and high quality service.



3. The first financial institution to introduce online trading in Portugal


As a broker, Carregosa launched the first online stock exchange service in Portugal in 2000, in partnership with Saxo Bank, establishing a new paradigm in the country's financial sector. From then on, investors had direct access to the financial markets through digital tools in an agile and convenient way, eliminating traditional barriers.


The online trading brand GoBulling was launched in 2007, the first e-broker to offer zero commissions on all Euronext markets. Within a year, GoBulling became the market leader. Online trading has revolutionised the way in which people invest, democratising access to investments and increasingly empowering people to make financial decisions. This groundbreaking initiative demonstrates the Bank’s ongoing commitment to being at the forefront of technological innovation from the outset.



4. Pioneers in implementing the "Know Your Customer” (KYC) process


Banco Carregosa was a pioneer in implementing the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, long before it became a regulatory requirement. This methodology brings together a series of procedures that enable the Bank to verify the identity of clients, assess the profile and characteristics of investors and their risk appetite in relation to financial investments. With this pioneering initiative, Banco Carregosa recognised the importance of knowing its clients, minimising risk and setting a new standard of demand and excellence in the presentation of investment solutions to its clients. This early implementation not only strengthened the institution's reputation, but also positively reinforced the Bank's relationship with its clients.



5. First financial institution to go digital


Carregosa was a pioneer in digitalisation. The decision to adopt technological systems was visionary and demonstrated a clear commitment to innovation. By implementing advanced systems, it revolutionised the way financial operations were carried out, making them more efficient, faster and safer.


This digital transformation allowed clients to carry out transactions more conveniently, and also significantly improved internal management. By spearheading the era of computerisation, Carregosa paved the way for the development of new technologies in the financial sector.



6. The first female broker


Carregosa was the first financial institution to have a woman as its official broker: Maria Cândida Rocha e Silva, the current Chair of the Board of Banco Carregosa. Among other awards, she was nominated as an Ambassador to the body known as the European Network of Female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors, by the European Commission in 2010. A tribute to a unique journey in the world of finance.



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Not only has Banco Carregosa been an early proponent of equal opportunities, it has also enriched its team with diverse perspectives and valuable skills, inspiring other women to pursue careers in finance and driving positive cultural change across the sector.



Banco Carregosa – leading the financial sector since 1833


At a time when computers, the Internet and smartphones did not yet exist, the principles on which Casa Carregosa was founded helped to build a solid, independent, technological and innovative future.


In our 190 years, we have established ourselves as a beacon of stability and confidence, weathering turbulent times and meeting challenges with resilience. A commitment to excellence and adaptability to social and economic change have been fundamental in achieving this.


On the occasion of our 190th anniversary, we celebrate our past achievements with an eye to the future. As the world of finance continues to evolve, our strategy is based on core values such as independence, innovation, transparency, customisation and sustainability.