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18 October 2023 15h20

Stock exchange game: what would you do with €100,000?

Stock Exchange Game


The Stock Exchange Game lets you to experience how it feels to invest fictitious money in real market conditions. Find out what it is and how you can get involved.


Invest in a simulated environment, test different strategies and compete for the highest returns. The Stock Exchange Game offers you all this and much more in a unique and realistic gaming experience. Find out what it is, how to take part and what prizes await the winners.



What is the Stock Exchange Game?

The Stock Exchange Game is an annual competition organised by Banco Carregosa and Jornal de Negócios, which allows participants to simulate virtual investments in the financial market, including stocks, commodities, currencies and other financial assets. It is an educational form of entertainment that gives participants a sense of what it would be like to be an investor in the market.

In this game, participants are given a virtual amount of money to invest into stocks and other financial instruments. They can choose which assets to buy (invest) and sell (divest), monitor the performance of their portfolios and make investment decisions based on the information available. Price fluctuations and market conditions are specifically simulated to reflect real financial market conditions.



Why play the Stock Exchange Game?

The Stock Exchange game is particularly attractive to beginners and enthusiasts who want to deepen their knowledge of investing and trading in the financial market. Some of the key benefits are:


1. Zero risk

As the money used in the game is fictitious, participants can test different investment strategies without putting their savings or disposable income at risk. This is particularly useful as a confidence-building exercise before a move into the real market.


2. Practical learning

The Stock Exchange Game provides a hands-on investment experience in a virtual environment where participants can make investment decisions, balance assets and diversify a portfolio. It's also a way to learn how the market works and how fluctuations affect share prices and portfolio performance.


3. Testing strategies

Players can test different investment strategies, analyse the results and adjust their approach if necessary. It's a great way to understand how different strategies can work in different market conditions.


4. Preparing for the real market

The experience and knowledge gained through the Stock Exchange Game can then be applied to the real world, enabling participants to make more informed investment decisions.



How does the Stock Exchange Game work?

The Stock Exchange Game consists of the following steps:


1. Choose your starting portfolio. Each participant will receive a virtual "ceiling” of €100,000 to start investing, which will be used to buy shares and other financial products available on Banco Carregosa’s GoBulling trading platform, the first of its kind in Portugal.


2. Select and trade assets. Participants then select the shares and other assets they wish to invest in, using the virtual "ceiling” to buy and sell.


3. Monitor your platform. Now is the time to monitor price movements, financial news and other factors that can affect the market. Participants may decide to buy more assets, sell existing positions or adjust their allocations.


4. Evaluate your performance. Throughout the game, players can constantly check the value of their portfolio, as well as the individual performance of each asset, and other relevant financial indicators.


5. Determine the winners. At the end of the game, participants are ranked according to the decreasing value of their portfolios. Prizes for the winners include card vouchers worth up to €2,000.



How do I register for the Stock Exchange Game?

To register you must use the provided online form provided. Each registration corresponds to one entry/portfolio. You will then receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access the GoBulling Pro platform, where the game will take place, as well as your user code and password.

You will also need to "like” the Banco Carregosa’s and Jornal de Negócios social media pages. Registration is free and open until 5 November. The rules of the 2023 Stock Exchange Game  can be found here.


Stock Exchange Game: Banco Carregosa’s commitment to financial literacy


With the Stock Exchange Game, Banco Carregosa is taking an important step in promoting financial literacy in Portugal. Over the course of several editions, it has helped to inform, educate and train thousands of subscribers. If you are taking your first steps in the world of investments, you can count on the support and guidance of our experts to help you manage your assets in a safe and secure way. Contact us.