Banco Carregosa Award / Northern Regional Section of the Portuguese Medical Association

Artificial Intelligence project wins clinical research award.

Clinical research is one of the greatest opportunities for development in the area of health sciences and technologies in Portugal. Aware of the need to stimulate and reward this potential, Banco Carregosa and the Northern Regional Section of the Portuguese Medical Association have teamed up once again to award the Banco Carregosa / SRNOM Prize, a nationwide distinction for individuals or companies with relevant projects in the area of clinical research.


The Banco Carregosa / SRNOM Award, which aims to contribute to the development of Portuguese medicine, is designed to recognize merit by rewarding the best researchers for their work in clinical research. The prize has a total value of 25,000 euros, distributed as follows: 20,000 euros for the winning project and 5,000 euros for two honorable mentions. The award ceremony for the 6th edition of the prizes took place on December 1st at the Altice Fórum Braga, the day of the 2023 Hippocratic Oath for doctors starting their professional lives.


The President of the Jury for this edition is Dr. Paulo Portas, and it also includes the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banco Carregosa, Dr. Maria Cândida Rocha e Silva and personalities from the health sector such as Professor António Sarmento, Dr. Alexandre Figueiredo, Dr. Miguel Guimarães and Professor Rui Vaz.


The 6th edition of the Banco Carregosa / SRNOM Prize, in a year in which the record number of works submitted to the competition was broken and which showed a clear and continuous improvement in the individual quality of the applications, awarded the winner to researcher Professor Miguel Mascarenhas Saraiva, with the project "Artificial Intelligence and High Resolution Anoscopy: automatic detection of anal cancer precursors".


"This award maintains the objective of encouraging and supporting doctors in clinical research, which has contributed to very important advances in the area of health," said the President of the Northern Regional Council of the Portuguese Medical Association, Professor Eurico Castro Alves, stressing that "the innovative nature of this award is clearly evident in the winning project of this edition, with the contribution of artificial intelligence, integrating advanced technologies into research, in a commitment to the evolution and improvement of medicine."

For Dr. Maria Cândida Rocha e Silva, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banco Carregosa, "The award that Banco Carregosa distinguishes within all its social retribution is precisely the Banco Carregosa / SRNOM Award".


The award winner, Professor Miguel Mascarenhas Saraiva, says that "The pioneering technology for identifying anal cancer precursors in high-resolution anoscopy was published as an original article in the leading indexed journal in Coloproctology, Techniques in Coloproctology, and was awarded the ACG Auxiliary Award by the American College of Gastroenterology (best scientific paper of the congress) and the prize for best presentation at the World Congress on Anal Cancer (IANS 2023). The wide range of endoscopic procedures and the multifaceted clinical expression of the digestive area have been the field of extensive and promising research in the field of Artificial Intelligence at the Gastroenterology Department of Hospital São João. The development of multiple pioneering techniques with vast potential for clinical application has earned uniform international recognition."


Honorable mentions were awarded to the researchers Professor João Lobo, for his project "Improving the methodology for quantifying microRNA-371a-3p in liquid biopsies from patients with testicular cancer: application of a non-invasive biomarker in clinical practice" and to Professor João Sérgio Neves for his study on the "Role of Subclinical Endocrine Dysfunction in Cardiovascular Risk and Cardiac Function: Implications for the Modulation of Thyroid Function and Glycemic Homeostasis".