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May 2024

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The signs are compatible with a soft-landing scenario


If in 2023 the most anticipated and consensual recession of the US economy ever did not materialize, in 2024, the consensus points to a “No-Landing” or “Soft-Landing” scenario. However, the signs of a slowdown in the economy that did not occur (surprisingly!) in 2023 are now beginning to emerge, albeit gradually and episodically. The signs are still more compatible with a soft landing scenario than an abrupt fall in growth, not least because economies such as Europe and China are advancing asynchronously, but it is important to observe the evolution of the indicators that are gradually changing direction.


As far as inflation is concerned, the general view tends to point to a benign scenario, although not all the indicators and all the months point in the direction of disinflation.


In a scenario of a moderate economic slowdown and disinflation, balanced allocation portfolios should continue to perform well, which could be maintained if the slowdown is more pronounced than the market consensus now anticipates, with an expected contribution from the bond component in this more recessive scenario.


The prospect of a new wave of inflation remains the most damaging scenario for the performance of these portfolios. However, it has gradually been removed from the more realistic scenarios.

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