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September 2023

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The offer of investment funds traded online covers, in terms of asset allocation, all investment profiles and levels of risk tolerance, time horizon and expected return.

Legal information


The information contained herein identifies the most subscribed investment funds in the reference period by Banco Carregosa clients, not considering any personal element of a specific potential investor. No elements were considered to assess the suitability of any investment or disinvestment to a specific person, therefore it should not constitute an investment recommendation. Potential investors are responsible for their investment decisions, and should carefully consider their investment objectives, financial situation, tolerance and capacity to bear the risk of investing in the financial instruments in question. 

Potential investors should make their own investment decisions and obtain professional clarification and advice on the characteristics and risks of the services and financial instruments in question, appropriate to their level of knowledge and experience, in particular, of price changes and possible loss of capital. Any subscription or redemption orders are the sole responsibility of the potential investor, and before any investment decision is made potential investors must acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions of the documents specific to each Fund, which are available for consultation herein, including the "Prospectus" and the "Key Information Document" (KID).

Management Companies may share with Banco Carregosa, as distributor, a portion of the Management and/or Distribution Fees charged by the fund, as well as offer other non-monetary benefits. Non-monetary benefits are understood to be access to research and investment recommendation documents and access for Banco Carregosa employees to conferences and training organised by the Management Companies. In any case, the receipt of these fees does not compromise the independence of Banco Carregosa.

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