ESG Investment Funds

Green light to invest responsibly.

Sustainable investment is an essential tool to ensure the balance between economic growth and sustainability. It is also important promote the contribution to and positive impact on the community where companies operate, by upholding values and ethical principles.

Sustainable Investment


– A simple and effective way to subscribe thematic funds that offer exposure to various companies that demonstrate a commitment to Environmental Sustainability.


– Promote the contribution to and positive impact on the community by upholding values and ethical principles.


– Flexible amount adapted to the investment objectives.


– Various management companies that offer sustainability funds.

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) investment funds offer exposure to a variety of companies that invest in sustainability. Browse Morningstar’s screener by clicking "Show More" and filtering the different fund classes by clocking on the “Globe” icons.”

"Investors choice of sustainable assets is a reflection of their genuine concern for the carbon footprint, environmental impact and social aspects, but is at the same time guided by the potential and good balance of the risk/return rate in the long term."


Private banking Director

Over the years, we have developed a unique set of tools and strategies for our Private Banking clients to understand what they own and then align investments with the priorities that matter most to them.

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