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23 November 2022 17h35
Source: Banco Carregosa

Specialised Management: what it is, advantages, risks and vehicles

Specialised Management: what it is, advantages, risks and vehicles



Specialised Management is an investment approach that aims to achieve above-average returns. Learn about the advantages, risks and vehicles available. 

Specialised Management gives the portfolio manager greater freedom to choose the investment solutions best suited to the risk profile and objectives of each client, and to achieve a degree of return above the market average. But is this vehicle suitable for all investors? Find out what this concept means, what its benefits and risks are, and how to implement it.

What is Specialised Management? 


Specialised Management involves investments made by managers who are free to select the assets that will make up the portfolio of a certain investment fund or management model, with the objective of obtaining a return greater than the benchmark index. Thus, the manager makes an independent assessment of the value of each investment, actively choosing the most attractive ones to beat the market.

It is an especially challenging approach, since the portfolio's performance is directly related to the investment decisions made by the manager. It requires close monitoring of market changes and political, social and economic trends, and continuous dedication, in order to find the best investment opportunities.
This strategy differs from Passive Management, which aims to reproduce and maintain the benchmark, without aiming to outperform it. Specialised Management is aimed at investors who wish to delegate their investments, or part thereof, to dedicated and experienced asset management teams, either due to lack of time, knowledge or for an investment diversification strategy.

What are the advantages and risks of Specialised Management? 


The main advantage of Specialised Management is that the investor does not need to dedicate time to managing their investments, as it is up to the manager to outline the entire strategy and be responsible for buying and selling assets.

Specialised Management also has the advantage of diversifying the investor's portfolio, since there is total freedom in the selection of the assets that make up the funds. This means that one part can appreciate in value while another part depreciates, which results in a dilution of risk.

This management requires a careful reading of the market to quickly choose the best assets at the right time and act in a timely manner, and a greater willingness to take risks.

In Banco Carregosa, this function is performed by an investment team with several years of experience, which permanently monitors market developments in order to take the best decisions.

Speaking of risks, the main risk of Specialised Management is, of course, not being able to outperform the benchmark index, or of losing the capital invested. Specialised Management dynamically adjusts the risk level of investments to the market environment, so that the investment remains in line with its risk profile. Although this is the manager's objective, it is dependent on highly volatile social, political and economic factors, so there is no guarantee that the investment will perform well.

Specialised Management: what are the instruments available? 


For us, every client is unique, and the investment approach always depends on their objectives and risk profile. To find the right portfolio for you, you can contact the specialised Asset Management service.

The portfolio is, therefore, managed in such a way as to achieve the proposed objectives of appreciation and its performance is continuously monitored in relation to the market. The manager is responsible for creating and updating the portfolio with a combination of assets that, as a whole, achieves the defined objectives – this task requires a high level of specialisation, dedication and experience.

In addition or as a complement to Asset Management, we also offer Investment Funds, which are one of the investment vehicles available to both clients and managers of Banco Carregosa. These financial products may cover shares, bonds, commodities, alternative investments, and even real estate. They are a way to access a diversified portfolio, optimising risk according to the greater or lesser allocation of capital to each asset. Investors become owners of investment units, quoted on a daily basis. 

Banco Carregosa – learn about our Specialised Management solutions 


Market conditions are always changing, making it essential to have an attentive and experienced look at all the variables in order to make the best decisions at the right time to make the best decisions at the right time.

Banco Carregosa's team is prepared to help you choose the best approach, taking into account your investor profile, and enhance your assets. Contact our team and benefit from the best investment opportunities.