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"For an easier understanding of Options, we can generalize by saying that an option can be seen as an insurance policy. The put option can be compared to a car insurance, as it allows you to recover a predetermined value for the asset, even if it has depreciated a lot. A call option is similar to a down payment when buying a property, as it guarantees a fixed price and preference in the purchase."

João Queiroz, 

Head of Trading

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Market Contextualization

The past month of May was robust and broke with the adage of "sell in may & go away" with the performance of equities:


  • Europe: Europe ended the last week of May with modest gains, but the EuroStoxx600 lost -0.5% during the week. Sectors with cumulative gains included Telecommunications (+2.2%), Real Estate (+1.2%), Energy (+0.8%) and Utilities (+0.58%). The sectors with the biggest losses were Technology (-3.3%), Travel & Leisure (-3%), Media (-1.99%) and Basic Resources (-1.7%).


  • Portugal (PSI): The PSI ended the week with a gain of +0.46%, but has accumulated a loss of -0.65% for the month. The best performers were BCP (+2.1%), EDP Renováveis (+1.7%), EDP (+1.5%), Mota-Engil (+0.8%) and Corticeira Amorim (+0.2%). The biggest losses came from Semapa (-5.8%), REN (-5.5%), Altri (-5%), Galp (-3%) and Sonae SGPS (-2.5%)


Economy: The US, with its robust labor market, continues to influence the formation of expectations of "persistent inflation", which fuels the rhetoric of Central Banks with "high interest rates for longer", although a number of Central Banks have felt the need to mark the start of a new cycle of interest rate cuts.The European economy has remained resilient, albeit with challenges in terms of economic growth and inflation control, at a still early stage of a "war economy" in which the Security & Defense industry is proving relevant, after years of stagnation and near-recession.The impact of policies and economic data was felt in the financial markets, with specific sectors reflecting the volatility of the publication of macroeconomic data.Commodities and currencies:



Commodities and currencies:


  • The WTI contract maintained a downward adjustment, renewing the year's lows, allowing a recovery to begin, motivated by summer seasonality in the northern hemisphere.


  • The Euro showed increased demand after Eurozone CPI inflation data, suggesting a slowdown in the fall in prices.The EUR/USD and EUR/CHF pair resumed an upward movement ahead of the US PCE Deflator announcement.



Company and Sector Highlights:


  • Technology Sector: NVidia showed a significant increase in value, approaching a capitalization of $2.8 trillion. The share price rose 81% above the 200-day moving average, a rare move in the last decade


  • Real estate: The European real estate sector showed signs of recovery, leading the gains on some days of the month.Energy: The XLE ETF "Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund" had a modest gain of +0.30%.


  • Energy: The XLE ETF "Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund" had a modest gain of +0.30%.



Other Relevant Events:


  • Inflation: Inflation in the Eurozone had a significant impact, with core prices coming in YoY at 2.9%, above the expected +2.7%.


  • Fed and ECB: Comments from ECB and FED members indicated that monetary policies would remain tight, although there was a high probability of interest rate cuts in the near future in the Euro region.



Conclusion: The month of May was marked by volatility in the stock markets, with the fluctuations in the technology sector and the energy market standing out. Expectations that continue to surround labor employment, essentially in the US, and interest rate decisions by the ECB significantly influenced market sentiment.


In short, May 2024 proved to be a month of significant reallocations and revaluations on the part of investors, maintaining protection and growth potential in the face of uncertainties in the global financial market, with debt suggesting a turning point despite the sovereign debt and credit markets registering high volumes of placements that competed with the falling returns on traditional bank investments. Gold continued to renew historical highs, as did the main US and European indices such as the DAX40; CAC40; FTSE100 or AEX. Faced with more credible measures such as intervention in the real estate market, China managed to record some benign reaction in equities. Japan intervened to defend its currency, although its effects would be diluted without a significant increase in the yield on 10-year bonds, but that would have a damaging impact on a hugely indebted economy.

Chain of options

It allows to have relevant information in a framework for immediate visualization and negotiation.

Chain of options

It allows to have relevant information in a framework for immediate visualization and negotiation.

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This tool allows you to combine orders and define strategies.

Option strategy

This tool allows you to combine orders and define strategies.

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