Term Deposit

Soma e Segue

Following our Bem-Vindo offer, Soma e Segue will help you move onwards and upwards. Unique conditions to take our long-term relationship a step further.


— Term deposit with an APR rate of 2.25%.

— Sums between €25,000 and €1,000,000 up to double the amount invested in the Banco Carregosa Bem-Vindo Term Deposit.

— 3-maturity. Interest payment on the maturity date of the deposit.

— Callable, subject to penalties.

— Guaranteed capital.

— Repayment guarantee provided by the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

Access Conditions

— Exclusive for private clients with Current Accounts who have subscribed to the Banco Carregosa Bem-Vindo Term Deposit

— Only amounts from the Banco Carregosa Bem-Vindo Term Deposit (capital and interest) and new amounts invested in Banco Carregosa are eligible for this deposit.

— Can only be subscribed once for each checking account and for each client, irrespective of the amount and the order or percentage of ownership.


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