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23 May 2022 00h00
Source: Banco Carregosa

What is Wealth Management?

What is Wealth Management?



When clients contact the Private Banking team of Banco Carregosa, they are not always familiar with the term Wealth Management. But they know they need specialised support to help manage the wealth accumulated over several years of dedication and work, and that their unique family and personal context make this mission especially challenging.  

Sometimes, with forays into traditional banking, they realise that there is no solution tailored to what they are looking for. There is no turnkey solution that is tailored to their objectives.
When contacting Banco Carregosa, clients find a specialised Wealth Management partner. But what exactly is this concept and what advantages does it offer to high net worth clients?

The true meaning of Wealth Management

The term Wealth Management means a set of financial and non-financial services to meet the needs of high net worth clients. Through a structured process, the portfolio manager analyses information about the client's objectives and specific situation and then designs a customised strategy that integrates a variety of investment products and services.
The premise of wealth management is that high net worth individuals need more comprehensive services than those offered by traditional banking. Those with significant wealth may have complex investment portfolios, atypical tax situations, multiple businesses, shareholding interests and other specific needs that hardly apply to other investors.
As an example, after the defining the starting point, the strategy designed may involve the creation of a discretionary investment account, managed by Banco Carregosa's investment professionals. 
The investment strategy will always take into account the best tax, wealth and succession solution suited to each profile and specific client, as well as other services such as philanthropic planning, support to buy or sell a business, advice on the acquisition of a property, or even the acquisition of a long-desired asset.  
The literal translation of Wealth Management into Portuguese is revealing: "gestão de Património", i.e. the management of money, in all its aspects, with the macro objective of improving the client's financial position, as well as customised advisory services and ongoing support at all important decision-making moments in the client's life. 

The advantages of Wealth Management 

Our Wealth Management vision is that each client is unique and is at the centre of any strategy or decision. As the specific needs of each client come first, the solutions are designed accordingly. In short, these are the main advantages of using Banco Carregosa's Wealth Management services.
Expertise. Our team uses various financial disciplines such as financial and investment management, legal and estate planning, accounting and tax services to manage clients' wealth, including both corporate and private.
Dynamism. Wealth management practices and the corresponding services are adjusted depending on the state of the economy, savings and investment habits, technological innovation and the world stock market context.
Scope. We follow a holistic approach in which all necessary Wealth Management services are coordinated, including the current and future needs of the client's family. 
Customisation. We design a fully customised Wealth Management approach based on the wealth objectives of each client. Strategies are designed from scratch taking into account their projects, family dynamics and values and risk and return profile. 
But how does Wealth Management work? Over several decades, we have developed a unique process tailored to the needs of high net worth clients. 

The Wealth Management process at Banco Carregosa 

Following a proprietary investment method based on evidence and international best practices, we rigorously assess each opportunity to find the best investment choices.
Each client’s objectives, preferences, history, and dynamics are the starting point for a long-lasting relationship. This is the process that guides us: 
1. Investment objective. The allocation of assets is based on the investment objective, the client's investment time horizon, possible liquidity needs, volatility expectations and the return on each asset. 
2. Macro and fundamental analysis. The analysis of each asset class and the correlation between the others is the basic factor that we take into consideration to increase or reduce the portfolio's risk component.
3. Tactical vision. Depending on the advisory team’s tactical vision, discretionary investment measures are taken to take advantage of short/medium term opportunities. 
4. Selection of assets and management companies. The most suitable financial instruments are chosen based on the analysis of our specialised team. 
5. Risk control. Volatility is monitored so as to ensure strict compliance with the objectives set for each investment profile.

The name Carregosa has been associated with the financial sector for 180 years. The lifespan of Banco Carregosa was only possible thanks to the ambition and perseverance of shareholders and managers, the dedication of employees and the trust of our clients for generations.  
In this constantly changing world, new questions, unprecedented situations and challenges arise which we have never faced before. In this context and with an accumulated experience of several decades, Banco Carregosa provides professional advice of excellence, highly specialised in a broad concept of Global Wealth Management, thus allowing a close and customised monitoring, which is increasingly useful and necessary in asset protection and value creation. 
Our team of Private Bankers support you at all times, offering a customised Wealth Management approach. We are motivated to protecting your assets and preserving them for future generations.
We foster long-term relations, sustained performance, well-founded opportunities for appreciation and coherent choices that promote environmental, social and good governance balance. Contact our Private Bankers and experience first-hand next generation private banking. 
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