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28 November 2023 14h25
Source: Banco Carregosa

What is Private Banking?

What is Private Banking?

O que é Private Banking?

Find out what Private Banking is, what the benefits are and why it can make a difference to the way you manage your wealth.


The more complex your financial situation, the more difficult it is to find an adviser that understands and values your wealth. Running a business, owning multiple properties and managing a number of investment accounts requires close and ongoing financial guidance. This is where Private Banking enters the picture. Find out more about this service and how you can benefit from using it.



What is Private Banking?

Private Banking is a premium financial service designed to meet the specific needs of wealthy clients. These clients have complex financial needs that require close and specialised attention. 


The main objective is to provide a comprehensive range of personalised services that go beyond traditional banking to meet investment objectives, whether it is wealth preservation, advice with targeted expertise, bespoke investment solutions or even passing on wealth to the next generation. Whatever the objective of those who use this service, financial planning is essential and forms the basis of a personalised analysis in a secure and exclusive environment. 


What are the advantages of Private Banking?

For those with substantial assets, Private Banking offers expert advice, a diversified strategy and client involvement in the decision-making process. These are the benefits.


1. Personalisation

One of the key benefits of Private Banking is the personalisation of services, with solutions tailored to each client’s specific financial needs. This means that services are tailored to meet the investment objectives, financial goals and individual circumstances of each person.


2. Experience

Private Banking clients can rely on the support of a senior team of professionals with extensive wealth management experience. This expertise provides sound advice and investment strategies to help you make informed and effective decisions.


3. Diversification

The Private Banking approach to portfolio management is comprehensive and diversified. Clients have access to a portfolio that includes a wide range of investments, including financial, real estate and alternative assets. The aim is to minimise the risks associated with each asset class.


4. Active participation

The advantage of the tailor-made approach is not only that it is bespoke, but also that the client can be part of the decision-making process. The client can be actively involved in asset selection and investment decisions, enabling close collaboration between the Private Banking team and the investor. This results in greater alignment with the client’s objectives and greater control over financial decisions.



What services does Private Banking offer?

From professional management to financial planning, these are the services within Private Banking.


Professional wealth management

Private Banking clients have access to professional and specialised management of their assets. This approach goes beyond the simple management of accounts and investments and involves careful attention to detail and a thorough understanding of individual financial objectives by highly skilled and experienced managers.


Financial planning

Private Banking clients have more sophisticated financial planning needs. More than just asset allocation, this premium service provides a holistic view of the client’s financial situation, integrating short- and long-term objectives. It also helps clients optimise their tax liabilities. Investment strategies are also developed to ensure an effective transfer of wealth to future generations.


Personalised banking services

Providing personalised banking services is one of the key benefits of Private Banking. Clients have access to specialised bank accounts and tailored financial solutions with exclusive benefits, liquidity management and personalised financial products. Exclusive credit lines integrated with wealth management are also available to finance personal projects, investments or business opportunities.


Access to exclusive investments

Private Banking services provide access to exclusive investments and investment opportunities that are not available to other investors. These include private funds, private equity investments, exclusive real estate opportunities and other premium investment vehicles. In addition, Private Banking investors have access to private company offerings, initial public offerings (IPOs) and other capital market transactions not available to the general public.


Personalised service

Personalised service is one of the key benefits of Private Banking. It is characterised by an exclusive dedication to each client and the creation of a highly personalised financial experience. The professionals act as strategic partners, getting to know clients in terms of their financial situation, risk profile and short- and long-term objectives. To ensure the best decisions are made at all times, advice is proactive, with regular portfolio reviews and strategic adjustments. 



Who is Private Banking for?

Private Banking is the right service for high net worth individuals with sophisticated financial needs, substantial financial assets, diversified investments, real estate, businesses and other types of wealth that require a personalised approach. 


Private Banking is also recommended for those with complex family dynamics, as it takes into account family dynamics, values and specific objectives to create effective strictures for transferring wealth, while respecting the family’s vision and values.


Because entrepreneurs typically have a significant amount of wealth tied up in their businesses, Private Banking takes into account both personal and business assets. In addition, Private Banking facilitates access to exclusive lines of credit for expansion, acquisitions or strategic investments. Businesses can also benefit from specialist advice on more complex transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions. 



Banco Carregosa, a benchmark in Private Banking 

More than just a service,  Banco Carregosa’s Private Banking is a strategic partnership that aims to shape and preserve your wealth in a unique way, adapted to the ambitions of each client. Contact us to guarantee the best care for your assets.