Bonds represent portions of debt of the issuing companies or entities


The outstanding nominal amount is returned upon maturity.


Through bonds, investors receive a steady return on investment through interest payments, usually annually (coupon).


This Yield to Maturity (YTM) is constantly calculated and made available for each bond.

Webinar Bonds | Banco Carregosa and BlackRock


Bonds in the current macroeconomic context.

The current macroeconomic context has led us all to look again at bonds. As we can read in the Quarterly Outlook of Banco Carregosa, in “2023 may meet the conditions for it to be «the year of bonds»”. But how can we invest in bonds? What are the concepts and what should we value?



Watch the recording of Banco Carregosa Webinar with BlackRock to learn more about bonds and to understand why they have become attractive in the current macroeconomic context.

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