Credit Management Models

Banco Carregosa's Management Models escrow account allows investment in Management Models or the provision of liquidity to clients with an equity position in Management Models.

Extending results

Extension of results through credit supported on the eligible amounts in the account.


Possibility of providing liquidity, based on the investment held, for any purpose.


Current account credit where you only pay an interest rate on the amount used. Interest rates to suit you and your investment.


Collateral adapted to each risk profile and type of Management Model in order to guarantee the necessary flexibility for your investment.

At Banco Carregosa, using a financing line with your financial investments as collateral is quick and flexible. It allows you to strengthen your investment convictions and thus increase your results, or use the available liquidity for other projects you may have in mind.

Bruno Minoya Perez, Diretor Private Banking

Credit limits and pricing

Note: Escrow account with no specific purpose. Maturity 12 months. Study and Organization Commission 300 EUR.

Leverage solutions to boost the financial results of your investments.

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