Stock options, indices, interest rates and futures.


An option confers the right to buy and/or sell an asset at a given value at a future date.

Advocacy and/or


Options are a great defensive instrument for investments but can also be used for leverage.

Buy and/or


The put option guarantees a fixed asset value. The call option guarantees a fixed price and a preference to buy.

Loss protection

against losses

Protection for stocks against possible losses due to the inherent risks of trading on the stock exchange.

"For an easier understanding of Options, we can generalize by saying that an option can be seen as an insurance policy. The put option can be compared to a car insurance, as it allows you to recover a predetermined value for the asset, even if it has depreciated a lot. A call option is similar to a down payment when buying a property, as it guarantees a fixed price and preference in the purchase."

João Queiroz, 

Head of Trading

Chain of options

It allows to have relevant information in a framework for immediate visualization and negotiation.

Option strategy

This tool allows you to combine orders and define strategies.

Option strategy

See for risk analysis information (Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega).

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